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Balancing No Home Work Policy

During a normal class,   teacher or instructor might assign a homework or an assignment. But what exactly makes something a homework or an assignment. We did a bit of research to find the right answers.

So what is the difference between homework and assignment? Homework is work that is done at home. The purpose of homework is allowing to practice what you learned at school and apply that learning at home. An assignment is a work that is completed during class. An assignment can be done at home as well. But typically it is referred to as just “homework”. Homework can be completing a worksheet or writing an essay. An assignment may be similar but it is done in class or at home.

Assignment, on the other hand, is any type of work that is assigned to a person. An assignment can be done in class or what home. But assignment that is assigned for home is usually referred to as just homework. The purpose of an assignment can be to apply what was learned and practice that material. For example, in algebra, the instructor will teach the students about functions and students will write their own functions for an assignment.

Both homework and assignment serve the same purpose: help students learn the material that is taught. Yes, you can learn by just listening to the teacher or instructor. But learning is best done when there are multiple ways of applying that knowledge. You don’t just learn something that is taught to you. You have to learn how to apply that information in various tasks. According to a journal article, published by Auburn University, active learning is the best way to learn information.

Examples of homework

Completing worksheet in which students solve math problems
Writing a 2-page essay on a documentary they watched
Reading a chapter of a textbook and answering questions
Reading a classic novel
Practicing a piano piece

Examples of assignment

Classwork that requires students to answer a few math questions
Writing an essay after watching a speech
Writing descriptions of cells during a biology lab
An assignment is typically not an exam or a quiz. These are items that are done most to assess students on concepts. A quiz or an exam is done in class or at home (as online quizzes). Some quizzes can be considered an assignment or homework if it is measuring completion as opposed to accuracy.

What are the differences between homework, assignment, and project?

A project is a longer form of a homework and assignments. Projects can actually be both a homework and an assignment because it can take place in class and outside of class. Projects require students to spend more time on a topic. They require students to turn something in that the students have spent a lot of time on. Projects can also occur in groups so that work is done more efficiently.

Where do homework and assignment take place?

Homework and assignments are typically referred to the work that is done at school or at universities. Assignments can also be referred to like the work that is done at many jobs. But this is done for a salary so many people don’t consider it an assignment. Rather, it is just part of the job. When that work is taken home, it can be referred to as homework. Students from kindergarten to college also have some form of homework and assignment. You might be surprised to see kindergarten included here but homework is normal at that level too. It just isn’t as difficult as the homework that students see later on. The higher the level you go in school, the more rigorous that homework and assignment becomes.

Is homework the same as studying?

No, homework is not the same as studying. Studying means to focus on some concepts and understand them in preparation for an exam. But studying can be one form of homework if it is assigned to students as the homework for the day.  Studying is an important part of a student’s life in school. It is how the student learns information in preparation for an exam or quiz. The big difference between studying and homework is that homework typically requires you to turn something in. Now there are exceptions to this. 

For example, an instructor might assign a student to read a chapter or watch a video as homework. For the most part, though, you are required to turn something in. Studying doesn’t require that. When you studying, you are looking over notes and memorizing concepts so you can do well on an exam or test. Studying is important because without studying you won’t do well on an exam. And exams are the biggest factors to determine your grade for a course.

What is the purpose of homework and assignments?

The main purposes of homework and assignments are to actively engage on material that is taught in class. If instructors only taught things and you weren’t required to do anything but listen, it would be difficult for students to prepare for exams. Homework and assignments allow you to practice the material by yourself so you can understand the material better. Students often scoff at homework or assignments because it requires work. But it is important to complete otherwise you won’t do well on exams and your overall grade will diminish. In recent years, teachers have debated whether they should assign more homework because they feel students have a lot more tools to complete more homework.  Students have petitioned for less homework arguing they participate in extracurricular activities and don’t have the time to complete a lot of work.


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